Our Story

Established in 1945, by Mr. Morarji Shah, the founder of M/s. MORARJI DEVJI & SONS, mainly having retail business of imported Groceries, Spice & all type of canned foods in Asia’s biggest retail market i.e. Crawford Market, Mumbai, India.

Within a few years, the family decided to concentrate and develop their own brand and created the name “ROCK & ROLL” in 1975, on sprinkle & free flowing jar. Today, Rupande Food Prodcuts has nurtured the business and carved out a special place in distribution in Mumbai city, and caters to top Hotels Chains, Restaurants, Food Service, Supermarkets and retail outlets.

From point of globalization in India Rupande Food Products is distributing all types of Groceries, Spice & all type of canned foods from other Importers.

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Why Us?

Our popularity is attributable to many factors like:


RFP sources only the best products from around the world. Ensuring only the best reaches you.


Yet another factor going for RFP, as any RFP client will tell you, is the freshness of the product as well as its hygienic packaging ensures that the product you buy from RFP has a longer shelf life.


Readily Available:
With 100mt storage capacity you could be sure of two things. Readily Available for one. And of course, the assurance that the product you’re buying hasn’t undergone any deterioration at the storage stage.